NFC – Who owns the Secure Element?

19 Jan 2011

I was researching “ownership” scenarios for the secure element in handsets and ran across this excellent analysis… a must read for banks. 

White Paper Alternatives for Banks to offer Secure Mobile Payments

Kudos to the Mobey Forum! Well Done.

3 thoughts on “NFC – Who owns the Secure Element?

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  2. According to this paper, it is still not 100% clear who owns the SE.. it really depends on the relationship between involved stakeholders. It seems that the stakeholders are not going to agree on mutual way of delivering NFC service to the end users, therefore, owning the SE depends on the agreement that the involved parties are making. I think that stakeholders should sit down and agree on one way of delivering this techmology to end users rather than proposing their own solutions which is not going to be the finalised approach.

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