Why Visa, Apple and Chase are Square

Visa formalizes mobile swipe security.. ” Visa’s guidelines lay out some of the more important security measures that should be taken, including encrypting all account data at the card-reader level and in transmission between the acceptance device and the processor.” just like the Verifone CEO said.. 

Why did they do this on same day as announcing Square investment. All of these non-compliant doggles. What is Square’s Plan?



Why is Visa, Chase and Apple all aligning on Square?

1)       Apple does not have NFC in iPhone 5

2)       Chase is taking a portfolio approach. This one is a bet against NFC..  They also have plenty of bets in NFC

3)       Visa knows it cannot control NFC and is taking a 3 pronged card focused approach to mobile marketing independent of NFC. Too much to say in this short Blog


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