CLOs where is your content?

It seems that the major CLO companies are struggling with content, even Cardlytics (300+ in sales people) can’t deliver for BAC. Hyperlocal is really, really hard .. just ask Groupon…

Take a look at BAC’s offer inventory today vs. 8 months ago 40+ vs 10 with only 2 local deals.. rest seem to be sourced from commission junction or something. See my post from last year on why this is failing . Banks have enormous value to bring to retailers.. but SOMEONE must do the hard work of selling and campaign management.

bac deals 3 bac deals old

2 thoughts on “CLOs where is your content?

  1. FIs will for some time just be happy to be “in the game” and relevant. CLO companies need to ride this and exit (i.e., get acquired) with perfect timing or be ready with a better model when the current one collapses.

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