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Durbin: Not so Bad… No change in PIN Debit

Fed just rolled out the final Durbin caps $0.21 + 5bps + $0.01… effectively leaving PIN Debit untouched for an average $38 transaction. What changed? Economics behind Signature Debit.. Sig Debit is dead… From the Fed Interchange fees. Networks reported that debit card interchange fees totaled $16.2 billion in 2009. Of this interchange-fee revenue, … Continue reading

Visa’s Wallet Strategy – Part 2

Visa,wallet,CYBS,PlaySpan 18 July (Updated from 17 June 2011 ). Corrected significant error on scope of Visa Wallet. It is much more than an autofill (point 4 below) Previous Blog: Visa’s mobile portfolio I’ve been thinking about Visa’s wallet strategy this week. From my last blog (Visa Digital Wallet) … a non-announcement, a rebranding of what CYBS and PlaySpan already … Continue reading